The beauty of the Jungle Boa ‘Unkiseis’


Up close and personal and see that marbled eye 🙂


The view of her head is amazingly picture perfect!


A little bit of history of this gorgeous species 🙂

In my research I found out that, JUNGLE BOAS originated in Sweden and were first produced by a man named Lars Brandle.  The story stated that He (Larse Brandle)  had purchased a very large boa with a zigzag like pattern down it’s back from a Zoo in Sweden.  He bred this snake to one common boa and they (snakes) produced some jungles and common looking boas from the first breeding.  He (Larse Brandle) then bred one of the offspring jungle males back to its mother and produced some super Jungles and jungles.  To those who are unfamiliar with genetics, Jungles bred to normals will result in half of the babies being jungle.  This proves that this is NOT a simple recessive genetic but dominate trait.  From here it becomes interesting,  when a common boa is bred with a jungle, the result will be half common and some jungles.  When two jungles are bred, the result will be some super jungles (with beautiful patterns) and some jungles.  Now these babies will be het for super jungles when they are ready to breed.  That’s not it, to even make it more complex and amazing at the same time, we also can add some albino in the genetics.  The result will be het for albino and super jungles

•  •  •

It still amazes me how we play with reptile genetics.  We cannot wait to create something beautiful and new- have an amazing time researching and creating something spectacular breeders 🙂

© RFE  2012


2 Responses to “Unkiseis”

  1. I love that name. You guys have the coolest names for snakes.

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