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Hydra- Burmese Python

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The Beauty of Hydra

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I was lucky enough to capture this gorgeous yawn from Hydra.  Sitting right in front of her cage, as she finished the last part of her meal was amazing, rewarded with one of her phenomenal mouth-wide-open moment was spectacular.  I couldn’t ask for more- So here she is, enjoying her time amusing me with her beauty.

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦  ~

So, as you all know, Burmese Pythons are not beginner snakes. Anyone who wants them as a pet needs to know what they are getting their selves into. They are one of the biggest snakes in the world, due to their size, weight and girth; they require a large enclosure and consistent feeding habits.

Lucky enough my husband is fond and experienced with huge snakes. So, I have front line views when it comes to learning how to handle huge snakes. I have been petrified of these huge slitherings since I was little. I remember telling my husband, “I am moving out the day you move snakes in the house”- well look who’s buying and collecting more than she expected.

Anywho, albinos and morphs are my favourite snakes- something about their patterns and colour is just amazing to me!

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