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Feeling so much better


Vivid colours and his wobbly head is more controlled

BumbleBee came home with us some time about six weeks ago- He was sitting at death’s door.  Bee isn’t a rescue but we rescued him from someone who didn’t know what was wrong with him.  They’ve made up some excuse that it’s genetics.  Concerned, I scheduled an appointment for Bee to visit one of the top herpitologist in the area- Luckily, they were available the next day, so my husband took Bee to their clinic and without a doubt, just as my husband expected Bee is at deaths door. If we waited another hour we would’ve lost her. She had the worst case of respiratory infection the vet has ever seen in her practice. Lucky enough, we didn’t waste time and waited- or she wouldn’t be here at all.


Bright & yellow


Rich black

It is such a wonderful feeling when you know you have done one good deed-

Thank you to the reptile doctor who was deligent in caring for our repriles. We couldn’t ask for better veterinarians 🙂


sickly jag-carpet python

Though he is in his blue stage, he is in such worst of conditions-


laced around


This is how Bumble Bee Looked like when we took him home- He is a rescue purchase from someone who doesn’t know anything about this beauty. Luckily, we got him just in time 🙂

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gorgeous lavender

Lovely Lavender


a shy pose-

This is a genetic morph reticulated python-

Bruce is one of the most beautiful snakes I have ever seen- For years, I have dreamt of one day owning this phenomenal specie.  I have read about retics, even to the point of them being aggressive and dominant.  Regardless of what I have read and the stories I’ve heard about them, I wasn’t swayed-

Thankfully, my husband found Bruce and he just happens to be such a sweet snake- we have been very lucky. Each adult snakes we acquire, have been sociable and sweet tempered. Either that or it’s because my husband works with them everyday- I call him ‘snake whisperer’- each time he handles a snake they turn out to be the gentlest snakes ever- I could tell you stories, but it will require a lot of your time, perhaps one day-

So as you can see, Bruce is a gentle and sweet snake. He too is a show snake- we haven’t bred him to any of the snakes we have just yet- perhaps this season, if we get lucky 🙂

 – ♦ – ♦ – ♦ –


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Vakku- the bearded dragon

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Vakku the personable bearded dragon

Just as he is-

Handsomely perched

• • • • •

Vakku is a very personable beardie.  He enjoys posing for pictures and loves to play with the kids.  His appetite varies from green leafy vegetables to meal worms and now crickets and pinkies.  He loves to gorge on these delicacies 🙂

On the other hand, Vakku does have a bedtime.  Just like clock work he sleeps at 9:00pm- no matter there is day ligth or brigth light, Vakku is asleep-

Vakku is very personable as well, he enjoys roaming about the house and checking out everything in his surroundings.  He likes it very much when he is perched on your shoulder.  He can entertain humans as well 🙂

As you can see, Vakku is very much delighted where he is currently living-

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Sumatran Red Blood Pythons

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Sumatran Red Blood Pythons-


The duo


 – ♦ – ♦ – ♦ –

Red Blood Pythons are known to be temperamental snakes and heavy bodied snakes- They too are not for beginner snake handlers. I advice to read up on them and learn about their habitat and temperament. The more you work on these snakes the better their chances of becoming friendly snakes 🙂

Their beauty is splendid.  These snakes are just amazing- though we are both getting to know each other, already she has shown some characteristics of friendliness and low temperament 🙂

In this photo, I think she is about 6 months old-

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