Vakku- the bearded dragon

Vakku the personable bearded dragon

Just as he is-

Handsomely perched

• • • • •

Vakku is a very personable beardie.  He enjoys posing for pictures and loves to play with the kids.  His appetite varies from green leafy vegetables to meal worms and now crickets and pinkies.  He loves to gorge on these delicacies 🙂

On the other hand, Vakku does have a bedtime.  Just like clock work he sleeps at 9:00pm- no matter there is day ligth or brigth light, Vakku is asleep-

Vakku is very personable as well, he enjoys roaming about the house and checking out everything in his surroundings.  He likes it very much when he is perched on your shoulder.  He can entertain humans as well 🙂

As you can see, Vakku is very much delighted where he is currently living-

© RFE Reptiles 2012


One Response to “Vakku- the bearded dragon”

  1. Oh my tomatoes!!! He is adorable!

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