gorgeous lavender

Lovely Lavender


a shy pose-

This is a genetic morph reticulated python-

Bruce is one of the most beautiful snakes I have ever seen- For years, I have dreamt of one day owning this phenomenal specie.  I have read about retics, even to the point of them being aggressive and dominant.  Regardless of what I have read and the stories I’ve heard about them, I wasn’t swayed-

Thankfully, my husband found Bruce and he just happens to be such a sweet snake- we have been very lucky. Each adult snakes we acquire, have been sociable and sweet tempered. Either that or it’s because my husband works with them everyday- I call him ‘snake whisperer’- each time he handles a snake they turn out to be the gentlest snakes ever- I could tell you stories, but it will require a lot of your time, perhaps one day-

So as you can see, Bruce is a gentle and sweet snake. He too is a show snake- we haven’t bred him to any of the snakes we have just yet- perhaps this season, if we get lucky 🙂

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© RFE 2012


2 Responses to “-Lavender”

  1. Bruce! Like the Hulk. Is Bruce Zeny’s brother?

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