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Sulcata tortoises are very beautiful… well, in my opinion anyways. However, they can get really big and heavy. So if you are thinking of adopting one or even want one, make sure you know what you’re getting into-


and your point is?


Though they get really big and heavy, they also live very long when cared for- Tortoises can live up to 150 years old; don’t ask me why but that’s their nature given gifts. This particular sulcata is a rescue- someone tried to bash his shell to see how he looked inside, or so I was told. He was then called “Second Chance”- he appears in shows and is currently active and does have a hefty appetite-



don’t mind me-

As you can see here- he is enjoying his meal at a show at Petco- I was lucky enough to have been the one to take care of Second Chance. We assisted a friend setting up her exhibit and while doing that, I have my luck with Second Chance taking photos. I chose not to show the damage the previous owners did to his back. It is better you see his handsome side-

If any of you are interested in learning about this beautiful Sulcata, you may read up about this specie here-



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