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Super-Tiger Reticulated Python

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This is Shaquitta- a super-tiger reticulated python. We have been very blessed to have such giant snakes that are very sweet tempered and playful. Shaquitta is a family pet. She loves to entertain people and show off her struts- But she only bonds with one person, that’s our Nikolai-

Shaquitta is not a shy snake, she enjoys being praised and adored. She loves to cuddle and you can even pet her on her head-


at her beauty

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Shaquitta is a gentle giant and we certainly enjoy her company here at home 🙂

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Jungle Carpet

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beautiful jungle carpet python


A Jungle Carpet python. She’s one of the sweetest snakes we have in our home. She is amazing and gracious with her nudges and very curious temperament.

I know this photo isn’t enough to show you how beautiful this snake is- Lipton would be a good step-up for a beginner snake-


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Citrons- Selene and Striker

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Dam Selene and Sire Striker are perfect examples of how smart retic pythons are. They are Citron morphs- and they love each others company. Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world, depending on locale-

These snakes are one of our beauties and could get expensive-

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