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Optimus- a hypo redtail boa het for sunfire. It means that Optimus is a morph. Peruse the link below at your leisure, it will provide information and explains the genetics and breed of his species.
Altogether, Optimus is a very special slithering; not only he is a morph but because he’s my anniversary gift from my husband-


his gorgeousness tells all


the brightness of his skin ♥


my Optimus is growing bigger and brighter everyday ♥


here he is now 2013, he’s not head shy & he’s never bitten anyone for that matter- his tail glows brightly ♥


he’s looking into slithering away-

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Now you see why he is such a special snake to me. I can’t stress enough how much i love this little snake. Our four year old son Tristan named him Optimus for his love of transformers. Optimus prime is his favourite- it suits the little guy since he’s a morph ♥

I would recommend redtail boas to anyone who wants an intermediate snake. They are personable and gently expresses their interest. It also depends how they are raised, their environment and husbandry. We spoil our snakes and they are part of our family ♥

Optimus came home with us last August 2012. So far we have taken photos and spent time together…though it’s been hard since I work and have two younger kids. So every little chance I get, I spend it with my slitherings. It is frustrating at times, when I decide to spend time with my snakes, my husband meddles with what little time I have for them. It frustrates and angers me, so I let him take over…then he tells everyone, I don’t like snakes because I don’t spend time with them…well, what do you know!

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

Here is a site that explains the history and care of these beautiful species-

Snake museum

Here is a link that explains genetics about each morphs-

Redtail genetics

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