Time with Braize



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It’s been a lovely day altogether- so my little prince asked if he could spend time with Braize-

There’s nothing makes dad happy to hear when kiddos wants to hold their pets and spend quality time. Here in our home, we make sure our kids are well taught about snakes and their dispositions. We make sure our kids have first hand encounters with different types of snakes-

So today, little prince is having his time with Braize, our Ball python-



just Braizy


This is Braize- our kiddos Ball Python- they are great beginner snakes. We love their alien-like pattern. Braize is between 2-3 years old. She is an amazing snake- we cannot wait for her to breed this season 🙂

So if any of you would like to start a collection and isn’t sure what to get, acquaint yourself first with a Ball python. Get familiar with it’s needs and prepare yourself to something bigger once you’re ready- there’s a lot of morphs out there and they are certainly beautiful and amazing creatures-

So enjoy and don’t forget to read up on what types of snakes you would like to keep as your pets before you take them home-


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2 Responses to “Time with Braize”

  1. Braize. That’s a cool name too. If your son is not afraid of your pets then maybe I shouldn’t be too.

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