and he stares at me…


what say you-

This is one cute amphibian- when our friends left and moved to Tennessee, we were left to care for their reptiles and amphibians- The problem is, we’re a reptile loving family. Not that we don’t like amphibians, we just don’t have the time and space for them. Luckily, my friends dad loves amphibians; so guess what… you’re right he inherited some of them.


and you’re still looking at me!

They are cute looking creatures, just a lot of work and i don’t have the extra time-



© RFE 2013


4 Responses to “and he stares at me…”

  1. This froggy looks cool. What kind of frog is this?

  2. You have these too? Ok seriously, what else do you u not have? Are you sure you don’t have a zoo?

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