-high white Aztec stripe CA King snake


Priestess 2013

High white Aztec CA King snakes- In my research, I really haven’t came across a site that describes how these snakes landed its name- To my understanding, high-white means, the solid colour of their body (white) in this instance- with the Aztec pattern on their sides. The solid the stripe lines on their back, the better the snake’s value-


Hannibal 2013

Both Hannibal and Priestess are about a year old- we were lucky enough to have met the guy who bred them at our favourite reptile store. After having all six of them were sold to our friends, the owner, we were then able to purchase two of them. Since they are siblings (same clutch) we can’t breed them- better yet, we don’t want to breed them together- chances are, the snakes will more likely have birth defects-

I cannot find a site to reference their history, so if you’d like please search the word ‘Aztec CA King snakes’ and you may choose the sites you’d like to visit 🙂

Happy reading!!!

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One Response to “-high white Aztec stripe CA King snake”

  1. This is a cool snake too. I am really going to visit your store if you are in my area. I enjoy your blog so much.

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