Visit with friends-


visiting with friends

Lovely Sasha is a reticulated python. She is one of the longest retic in the world; due to her locale -the area she is from, she is considered the longest retic in the world. Well, she has to be full grown first of all-


just to feel how heavy she is

Our friends are just checking exactly how heavy she feels at this rate- She is about 14-15ft long and weights almost 100 lbs.Female retics will be heavy and longer than the male-


just a stretch

Sasha is a very intelligent snake. She enjoys her bedtime stories and she loves to interact and roam about the house. She also enjoys climbing up the stairs-

I encourage everyone to read up about reticulated pythons. Be aware of their size and appetite when you consider them as pets.

Thank you for stopping by mates!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Visit with friends-”

  1. Wow! She’s really big.

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