Jampea Platinum

We were so lucky to have Maia- our beautiful jampea platinum retic. Maia was produced by Jake Klotz in May 2011 and was purchased by Kevin of KGconstrictors. Maia’s lineage was from 100% jampea and a platinum tiger. Kevin has shipped her to our home and she has adjusted fairly well to her new husbandry. She’s very sweet and enjoys the great outdoors as well as human contacts- we are so lucky to have her in our family, the children enjoys her company very much-


Maia enjoys her spot on dads head


fun time with dad outside


Tucker gets a turn

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

As you can see Maia is such a great addition to our family. She has adjusted well and has entertained our neighborhood children. We have taken photos and will soon be filming her activities with kids and at home- be sure to visit or subscribe for updates.

INFO- I have changed Maya to ‘Maia’ for personal preference.
Below is a link of KGconstrictors page-


Thank you Kevin for such a beautiful Maia ♥

© RFE Reptiles 2013


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  1. This one is beautiful too.

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