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Venomous Snake FAQs

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Here is a link that could be helpful to those who are concerned about venomous snakes. I hope this article will provide some information to those who lack knowledge about any reptiles they keep or own-

Gaboon Viper is one of the venomous snakes-

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Snake girl

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Something i have always wanted to draw- found it in facebook instead 🙂

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Dagger- super salmon boa

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My husband was very kind to buy me this gorgeous super salmon as a replacement- well he gave my hypo boa, Optimus to someone he thought needs cheering up-

So, Dagger is a special snake. Not only she is a beautiful and a gorgeous snake, she also have the personality even a child would enjoy. I’ve always been afraid of getting bitten by nippy baby snakes, luckily i don’t have that problem with this one.

♦ ~ ♦


Her gorgeousness, just minutes after her complete shed. She gets brighter and her colour becomes more vivid when she grows-


She’s quiet a natural for shows and entertaining. Dagger on feeding day-


Here is a gorgeous pose of my Dagger- the vibrant and sharp tones, her pattern and colour is just amazing! She’s a real darling snake-

Thank you all for stopping by 😄

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Max- oh that anaconda

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This is Max, our cute yellow anaconda. He’s a sweet and fun social anaconda-


Just a shoot while laced in the hands of my care taker, my most favourite man on the planet-


Just look at the home he makes me- soon i will be in one of those cages he builds, well, the one with a pool in it?! He knows what i’m talking about-


This is how it’s like during feeding day. We all have our preference, i like it in the water- i give a good show-

♦ – ♦ – ♦

So as you can see, snakes cannot be tamed. They just get used to being handled and they appreciate their routine-

Before owning one of these beauties, please read about them. They are not a beginner snakes, they require a lot of attention and care. If you don’t have the time, space and knowledge- this is not the snake that fits your lifestyle.
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New additions

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Hello everyone! We’ve been very lucky this past week. We’ve collected at least five snakes- well, more than that actually.

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~


Here is a Kahl Caramel Albino boa- we named him Astreaus. He is very sweet and enjoys socializing with people. We will be pleased to take him to our show as scheduled this month-

Here is Dagger my personal Super Salmon boa. Though she’s just a newbie, she’s displayed characteristics & personality we enjoy most- sweet temperament, alertness, social and beautiful- i know she will do good during the show this month as well-


Salmon boa- Calista and George, Jungle boa. These two have been very close ever since they arrived. I have been very lucky to have seen them locked-up twice. So we are hoping to have beautiful clutches this season. Let me know if any of you are interested. We will be posting soonest she lays her eggs-


Here is Athena- she’s the super dwarf retic (possible het for genetic stripe) she is one gorgeous snake-

~ ♦ ~ ♦~ ♦~

These are some of the lovely snakes we have been lucky with. They have beautiful temperament. Dagger will be too small for the show, so she will be staying home. We are trilled to show these beauties to our friends and clients this month-

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