Dagger- super salmon boa

My husband was very kind to buy me this gorgeous super salmon as a replacement- well he gave my hypo boa, Optimus to someone he thought needs cheering up-

So, Dagger is a special snake. Not only she is a beautiful and a gorgeous snake, she also have the personality even a child would enjoy. I’ve always been afraid of getting bitten by nippy baby snakes, luckily i don’t have that problem with this one.

♦ ~ ♦


Her gorgeousness, just minutes after her complete shed. She gets brighter and her colour becomes more vivid when she grows-


She’s quiet a natural for shows and entertaining. Dagger on feeding day-


Here is a gorgeous pose of my Dagger- the vibrant and sharp tones, her pattern and colour is just amazing! She’s a real darling snake-

Thank you all for stopping by 😄

© RFE 2013


13 Responses to “Dagger- super salmon boa”

  1. She is absolutely beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful Dagger. I like that name too.

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