Max- oh that anaconda

This is Max, our cute yellow anaconda. He’s a sweet and fun social anaconda-


Just a shoot while laced in the hands of my care taker, my most favourite man on the planet-


Just look at the home he makes me- soon i will be in one of those cages he builds, well, the one with a pool in it?! He knows what i’m talking about-


This is how it’s like during feeding day. We all have our preference, i like it in the water- i give a good show-

♦ – ♦ – ♦

So as you can see, snakes cannot be tamed. They just get used to being handled and they appreciate their routine-

Before owning one of these beauties, please read about them. They are not a beginner snakes, they require a lot of attention and care. If you don’t have the time, space and knowledge- this is not the snake that fits your lifestyle.
Thank you for visiting our site 😄

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5 Responses to “Max- oh that anaconda”

  1. This is a beautiful specimen!

    • I had my first encounter with Max the other day. My husband, in the picture is the care-taker for all the snakes we have in the den- there is but 3 snakes i care, they are the little ones so I can be comfortable with raising them & not getting bit 🙂
      He is really an amazing snake for a yellow anaconda-


  2. I like this too. Isn’t this from that movie Anaconda? They are this small? How fast do they grow?

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