Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa


Here are the famous rainbow brazilian boas-


Here is the male baby we call Mater- He’s got amazing temperament and really cool personality. He enjoys curling around your fingers and loves to slither around your arms. He’s a keeper.


Here is a gorgeous female. Vibrant and bright in colour- possible ‘hypo’ she’s lighter in colour but vibrant- she too is a keeper.

◆ ◆ ◆

Well, a follow up- the female was sold to our friend couple of weeks later. I know i said they were keepers but our friend needed her most- besides we have the breeders. Yesterday, we sold Mater to a new friend who used to owned a redtail. He missed his pet so much after he was forced to let go of him. He decided it’s time to again start a new collection. We were happy for Mater to go home with him yesterday. We know he will be cared for well-  Though its not the same. We’ll get to see them as they grow 🙂

These are a great intermediate snakes. Not only they don’t get that big but they also don’t get that heavy. They enjoy to burrow in their husbandry and they also like it moist-

Anyone who intends to keep them as pets, please do read more about them and get familiar with their upkeep-

Thank you for stopping by!

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One Response to “Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa”

  1. Oh you have babies. They are adorable!

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