Hannah- a Labrynth burmese python. In this photo with Deuce the golden child reticulated python.

Hannah is one of our well behaved and great for kids temperament burmese. She is also used to being a show snake. We were so lucky enough to have her in our collection of pets-

These snakes are not a beginner snakes. If anyone intends to purchase one as their pets, i highly recommend you read up about these beauties. Take all the notes you can and understand their dispositions, husbandry, temperature and feeding- also know what kind of morph or type you prefer to own. These snakes do become big and heavy and perhaps long for what you’re expecting.

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4 Responses to “Labrynth-”

    • Thank you kindly Mary! It was in our best interest to keep at least one, but when a friend needed one it was kind of hard to resist. He really missed his pet dearly and we knew he would make him a new home 🙂

      Thank you for visiting our site!

      Katz for RFE

  1. I agree with Mary. They are beautiful and the patterns are amazing. A goldenchild retic and a Burmese. They are stunning. I have to google this, I surely don’t know what this breed is.

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