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Prolapsed Hemipenes

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Upon returning home from an all-day drive, i happen to look in on the redtails that were cozied up in the corner of their cage. I noticed something was sticking out of George’s cloaca– for a split second i didn’t think of anything, yet i pondered on it as i walked towards the kitchen and said ‘wait, what the heck was that’ – i hurried passed the dinning table and almost hit my face to one of the glass cages sitting nearby. I leaned closer to the cage and saw it then. ‘Poor George, what’s happened to you?’ I then caught my husband’s attention and together we investigate George’s condition.


My husband Nikolai took him out of the cage and immediately ‘his thing’ just hung loosely. I thought of how painful he must be feeling at this time. My husband was in awe ‘I’ve never seen something like this in my years of having snakes’. I managed to say ‘his hemipenes are blown off, he can’t mate and make babies anymore’. I was sad for George. Nikolai grabbed his mobile phone and called a friend we know who has a rescue center in our local area. Luckily, she answered and did confirm what i thought it was…’a prolapsed hemipenes’. George’s days of mating and the possibility of populating is over- i thought to myself ‘I hope he had a good time before this happened’. It’s far fetched but what the heck.


The longer Nikolai talked to our friend, the more detailed information i learned tonight. So in due time, when it dries up, it will fall off. Nothing to worry about, he is no way in any pain, regardless of how it looks- looking at George, I am less convinced. All that didn’t really sit well with me so the internet was my book for source of info. I stayed up long enough to have memorized the same information all the sites I have visited…in the morning i will be calling some local vets for more information.


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This green tree python is full of beauty & Kinkyness fits her well-


A beautiful pose


Her Kinkyness is such a wonderful snake. We enjoy watching her superb talent, from feeding and drinking to pooping. This snake is a character and fun to watch.

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