One Eyed Snake-

This remarkable sunglow boa is a special added collection. Down in California when we’re staying here, we’ve had such opportunities of meeting tons of snake enthusiasts 🙂

Today, we have purchased a one eyed sunglow boa… which my husband named ‘one eyed Willie’– fitting to his circumstance.


At first meeting. He is so docile…amazing temperament…perfect for school kids 🙂 Willie is a childs pet, i was just told.


Willie’s colour is definitely amazing 🙂


I love the high coral colouring on his tail, the high orange is a perfect contrast to his yellow body-


His scales are soft and tight…he’s a perfect eater, i was informed-


Here he is at home- enjoyn his new surrounding and new family 🙂

                           ◆ ~ ◆ ~ ◆

Sunglow boas are amazing snakes. Not only because they are pretty and give live births, but also because they are such cool snakes for kids 🙂

Until next time mates-

© RFE 2013


8 Responses to “One Eyed Snake-”

  1. Awesome yet amazing animal! Congrats!

  2. Oh gosh! I didn’t know snakes can survive without both eyes. I mean every living thing does right, but just didn’t think snakes would.
    That’s a sick ink too.

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