Venomous Beauties

I apologize for the late upload-


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Just recently I’ve come to terms with venomous and poisonous reptiles. So, my husband has decided to add these beautiful species to our growing collection.

AFRICAN BUSH VIPER (Atheris Squamigera)-

Meet out beautiful NURU, she is a cool snake altogether 🙂


She is the most amazing venomous snake while taking this photos- she was alert, yet tolerant to the snapping of my camera- though these photos provide somewhat details of her beauty but it doesn’t do justice if you’d just see her up front and in person-


I was surprise she was still… otherwise, these photos would’ve been blurry- truly she’s such a beauty. I can’t say more-

* * *

Here are links to some great readings about these beautiful venomous beauties 🙂

© Kat for RFE 2014


2 Responses to “Venomous Beauties”

  1. This is a beautiful snake. I am so delighted I came across your sight. I would love to visit your store or whatever you have and would certainly pay to see your snakes.

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