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Salmon Pink Birdeater named Manny-

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Hello everyone!

Yes! We have visited the reptile expo and bought two beautiful beauties… a garg (posted previously) named Belfour and a tarantula named Manny-


Oh yes!!! Manny is ready to launch anytime he pleases. This is the only way I brave to face him when he’s caged in. Otherwise, i will take photos from above-


Like this one. So crisp and clear… though I was hesitant to snap this photo but I’m glad I did since he was kind enough to lay still and have me take a quick snap.

Thak you for visiting. Cheers!!

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Belfour – a new pet in the house :-)

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I apologize for the late upload. We have visited the latest reptile expo in our area and as usual, was very displased with the limited selections they have. So here is one of the beauties we were able to purchase 🙂

This is Belfour… our new addition to the family and of course, for the moment Tristan’s new favourite.


So here is Belfour- charming ad can be. His stipes is amazibg in day time lighting. I love how he can just easily jump from one spot to the next with ease-


His favourite spot at the moment.


And he’s just as happy as ever-

Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂

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Picture Snakefect

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 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~

Here are Duce and Sasha, both three decades old and just as gorgeous as they both can be.

Sasha has grown tremendously and still a sweetheart considering her size. Duce with his playful dominance knows his place-

As always these two lovely pets are loved and liked by children and adults alike 🙂


 Imagine how wonderful you would feel after a great massage with these two 🙂


Honestly, Sasha does give good massages. just let her slither on you and feel her muscles contract as she slithers her way about. She is big and heavy but indeed she can be your greatest workout 🙂

Thank you everyone for stopping by!

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