Belfour – a new pet in the house :-)

I apologize for the late upload. We have visited the latest reptile expo in our area and as usual, was very displased with the limited selections they have. So here is one of the beauties we were able to purchase 🙂

This is Belfour… our new addition to the family and of course, for the moment Tristan’s new favourite.


So here is Belfour- charming ad can be. His stipes is amazibg in day time lighting. I love how he can just easily jump from one spot to the next with ease-


His favourite spot at the moment.


And he’s just as happy as ever-

Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂

© Kat for RFE – 2015 🐍



2 Responses to “Belfour – a new pet in the house :-)”

  1. I think your son is cuter than this Garg (lol). Where do you find or buy your pets from? Are they costly? I mean I’ve seen some of the prices online and they are just too much for me.

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