Annie, Max and Echo~

I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of our anacondas this weekend. Annie, Max and Echo are the sweetest anacondas I had ever held, played and met in my years of handling snakes. They also enjoy getting their photos taken. So here are some photos I’d like to share-


Annies favourite keeper, her daddy.


Here is Max, our yellow anaconda. Another sweet and well behaved girl.


Echo here is a higher yellow with darker blacks-

Though these slithering scales takes a while to grow, I am excited to see just how big they can get.

Until next time folks and thank you for visiting.

© Kat for RFE 2016


2 Responses to “Annie, Max and Echo~”

  1. Oh wow! You have some nice snakes collection. How long have you had snakes? I’m sorry I am sure all my questions are probly found in your bio which I haven’t checked out yet. I promise to do so once I check out your cool page.


    • Thank you Hats. My husband had snakes since he was young & he’d always managed to have snakes in his later teen years. Then picked up his hobby and had more than he ever had when we got together. I kinda started it by buying our first t9gether snake Audrieanna.

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