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Feeding Day May 2015

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It’s that day again- one of my most favourite days with our pets is feeding day. This allows me to see just how capable they are of anything. I have so much respect for these creatures.


Zenny – Purple Phase Retic




Sophie – D’Alberts Python


Jungle Jag Carpet Python –


Max – the Anaconda


Herman – Bredli’s Python in shed but feeding.


Scarlet – Redtail Boa

◆ ~ ◆ ~ ◆

It’s been a pleasure to have the chance to photograph these beautiful pets. They truly are a member of our family. Most people have dogs and cats for pets… we just happen to have snakes.

Thank you again for visiting our page and look forward to hearing your snake stories 😀🐍😀

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BumbleBee’s surprise-

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‘There’s never a surprise you’re prepared for’

A surprise from mother nature is nothing compared to any pre-meditated murder. I promise to keep this short as possible-

So, the night before we went about our business as usual evening. Nothing spectacular, it is a school night afterall. So kids tucked in bed and grown ups are busy workin on our last rounds… locking doors and windows… turning all off lights and making sure all cages are secure… all checked… goodnight everyone, see you in the morning!

Two hours into my work at the firm, my phone buzzed, beeped and sang- ‘what the hell is goin on with you’ as I cursed under my breath- two text messages, two missed calls, one voicemail and an email message, all waiting to be read. I thought to meself, ‘what’s he done this time?’ Just as I was ready to call, my mobile sang again-
Me: Hei hunni!
Husband: Did u get my texts? I sent u 2? Are u looking at it? (adamantly)
Me: No I haven’t, why? What’s happened.
Husband: Just look at the texts I sent u. Look at the last one.
Me: Ok I will… bye-

Now, i’m starting to feel the rush of panic coming thru me… all of a sudden I’m feeling drained- I looked and there it was… a white mound, piled high as she encircled her body around it at the base. She’s laying her last egg-

She’s so gorgeous! I squeeled in excitement and totally forgot where I was. In the next few minutes my phone was passed around to show my colleagues my excitement. They all cheered and congratulated Bee for being such an awesome snake-

I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could see Bee. This is her first clutch and the surge of panic has returned when I just realized all materials, including incubators were left in California, loaned to friends and some in the storage, buried deep down lost in  the abyss.
‘Light came on’- I called my husband and told him to just buy one online. I found out, the soonest one can be delivered is in three days. Forget that pine cone on the hay- just go out and buy one then. We were so unprepared, unexpecting and completely surprised by Bee laying eggs. It never occured to me, her erratic dances were due to her labour. ‘How did I miss that?’.

Just to show you how much of this I have missed.

All aboard and ready for incubation- I am so happy they are safe and secured. Now it’s time for mum Bee for recharged. Vet visit, feeding and tender loving care 🙂

I apologize, I will be posting some of her photos later- til then mates 🙂

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Jungle Carpet

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beautiful jungle carpet python


A Jungle Carpet python. She’s one of the sweetest snakes we have in our home. She is amazing and gracious with her nudges and very curious temperament.

I know this photo isn’t enough to show you how beautiful this snake is- Lipton would be a good step-up for a beginner snake-


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Feeling so much better


Vivid colours and his wobbly head is more controlled

BumbleBee came home with us some time about six weeks ago- He was sitting at death’s door.  Bee isn’t a rescue but we rescued him from someone who didn’t know what was wrong with him.  They’ve made up some excuse that it’s genetics.  Concerned, I scheduled an appointment for Bee to visit one of the top herpitologist in the area- Luckily, they were available the next day, so my husband took Bee to their clinic and without a doubt, just as my husband expected Bee is at deaths door. If we waited another hour we would’ve lost her. She had the worst case of respiratory infection the vet has ever seen in her practice. Lucky enough, we didn’t waste time and waited- or she wouldn’t be here at all.


Bright & yellow


Rich black

It is such a wonderful feeling when you know you have done one good deed-

Thank you to the reptile doctor who was deligent in caring for our repriles. We couldn’t ask for better veterinarians 🙂


sickly jag-carpet python

Though he is in his blue stage, he is in such worst of conditions-


laced around


This is how Bumble Bee Looked like when we took him home- He is a rescue purchase from someone who doesn’t know anything about this beauty. Luckily, we got him just in time 🙂

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