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Feeding Day May 2015

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It’s that day again- one of my most favourite days with our pets is feeding day. This allows me to see just how capable they are of anything. I have so much respect for these creatures.


Zenny – Purple Phase Retic




Sophie – D’Alberts Python


Jungle Jag Carpet Python –


Max – the Anaconda


Herman – Bredli’s Python in shed but feeding.


Scarlet – Redtail Boa

◆ ~ ◆ ~ ◆

It’s been a pleasure to have the chance to photograph these beautiful pets. They truly are a member of our family. Most people have dogs and cats for pets… we just happen to have snakes.

Thank you again for visiting our page and look forward to hearing your snake stories 😀🐍😀

© Kat for RFE 2016 🐍


BumbleBee’s surprise-

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‘There’s never a surprise you’re prepared for’

A surprise from mother nature is nothing compared to any pre-meditated murder. I promise to keep this short as possible-

So, the night before we went about our business as usual evening. Nothing spectacular, it is a school night afterall. So kids tucked in bed and grown ups are busy workin on our last rounds… locking doors and windows… turning all off lights and making sure all cages are secure… all checked… goodnight everyone, see you in the morning!

Two hours into my work at the firm, my phone buzzed, beeped and sang- ‘what the hell is goin on with you’ as I cursed under my breath- two text messages, two missed calls, one voicemail and an email message, all waiting to be read. I thought to meself, ‘what’s he done this time?’ Just as I was ready to call, my mobile sang again-
Me: Hei hunni!
Husband: Did u get my texts? I sent u 2? Are u looking at it? (adamantly)
Me: No I haven’t, why? What’s happened.
Husband: Just look at the texts I sent u. Look at the last one.
Me: Ok I will… bye-

Now, i’m starting to feel the rush of panic coming thru me… all of a sudden I’m feeling drained- I looked and there it was… a white mound, piled high as she encircled her body around it at the base. She’s laying her last egg-

She’s so gorgeous! I squeeled in excitement and totally forgot where I was. In the next few minutes my phone was passed around to show my colleagues my excitement. They all cheered and congratulated Bee for being such an awesome snake-

I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could see Bee. This is her first clutch and the surge of panic has returned when I just realized all materials, including incubators were left in California, loaned to friends and some in the storage, buried deep down lost in  the abyss.
‘Light came on’- I called my husband and told him to just buy one online. I found out, the soonest one can be delivered is in three days. Forget that pine cone on the hay- just go out and buy one then. We were so unprepared, unexpecting and completely surprised by Bee laying eggs. It never occured to me, her erratic dances were due to her labour. ‘How did I miss that?’.

Just to show you how much of this I have missed.

All aboard and ready for incubation- I am so happy they are safe and secured. Now it’s time for mum Bee for recharged. Vet visit, feeding and tender loving care 🙂

I apologize, I will be posting some of her photos later- til then mates 🙂

© rfe reptiles 2014


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This green tree python is full of beauty & Kinkyness fits her well-


A beautiful pose


Her Kinkyness is such a wonderful snake. We enjoy watching her superb talent, from feeding and drinking to pooping. This snake is a character and fun to watch.

Thank you for visiting.

© Kat for RFE 2013

…and its breeding time-

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So we are hoping to have a couple of these gorgeous pets breeding for us this season..try and try they have been doing but we’ll see when the time comes-


Here’s a complete lock-up of the green tree pythons. Hopefully, there will be some babies from this designer blue line male and a cyclops female 🙂

Please read up on these reptiles. They are amazing pets to have, though they are not beginner snakes, once you have gained experience, these are amazing pets to have-

© RFE 2013

New additions

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Hello everyone! We’ve been very lucky this past week. We’ve collected at least five snakes- well, more than that actually.

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~


Here is a Kahl Caramel Albino boa- we named him Astreaus. He is very sweet and enjoys socializing with people. We will be pleased to take him to our show as scheduled this month-

Here is Dagger my personal Super Salmon boa. Though she’s just a newbie, she’s displayed characteristics & personality we enjoy most- sweet temperament, alertness, social and beautiful- i know she will do good during the show this month as well-


Salmon boa- Calista and George, Jungle boa. These two have been very close ever since they arrived. I have been very lucky to have seen them locked-up twice. So we are hoping to have beautiful clutches this season. Let me know if any of you are interested. We will be posting soonest she lays her eggs-


Here is Athena- she’s the super dwarf retic (possible het for genetic stripe) she is one gorgeous snake-

~ ♦ ~ ♦~ ♦~

These are some of the lovely snakes we have been lucky with. They have beautiful temperament. Dagger will be too small for the show, so she will be staying home. We are trilled to show these beauties to our friends and clients this month-

Thank you for visiting our site 😄

© RFE 2013

Just hangin’ out with friends

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Today has been a gorgeous day. So what do we do? We show our reptiles 🙂 First thing we did was clean our house- then tackled the snake cages and the most fun part of the day- taking photos. We all love this part, don’t you?!?! 
So this afternoon, our friend Tucker, came to visit. We enjoyed our friends company so much- we’ve taken photos, talked about snake history and their locales and…well you guys pretty much know what we do- we talk a lot about snakes. Here’s a few pics to share 

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~  ♦ ~


Tucker with sasha

Here is Sasha with our friend Trucker.  Sasha is about 15ft long now- she’s the ‘mainland retic’ so she grows up to 30ft long- (the longest retic according to their locale)  Sasha is 2 yrs old and is growing even more- She is gentle and sweet-


Maia with Nikolai

Maia is a Jampea Platinum- she is technically a dwarf retic.  She is about 6ft – 7ft long and is 2 years old.  She is very beautiful and a sweet snake 🙂

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~  ♦ ~


Deuce with Nikolai

Deuce is a golden child- I don’t really know how this name came about, but this golden child is amazing.  We enjoy the iridescence of his colour, and of course his sweet temperament 🙂  We cannot wait to breed him with the Jampea Platy (Maia) and Tiger retic (Sasha) this season-

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~  ♦ ~


Olympus the great

So here is Olympus- super salmon boa. He is my most gorgeous neonate. He’s 3 weeks old and he’s just so precious- our friend Kevin did a good job caring for him, until he was shipped to our house last Tuesday 🙂

Please read up more on their history and origin, should you care to own one.  have a wonderful Sunday everyone!



© Rfe Reptiles

Deuce- ‘the golden child’

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Who would ever think that a snake can be classified as a ‘golden child’- I’m with you on this one. It’s amazing how we people can come up with names to classify something out of the ordinary.

Anyway, here is Deuce- our golden child- purchased by a friend from Prehistoric Pets during the reptile show (inturn, we purchased from him)- He is amazing and sweet tempered. I can’t explain how gorgeous his colour and pattern is, unless you own one yourself or have seen one in person.

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~  ♦ ~


all of him

His iridescence is so amazing, pictures can’t really capture what the eyes could hardly see 🙂  His colour changes, when he is outside or when he is inside 🙂  Deuce is spectacular either way-

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~  ♦ ~


closer look

This photo was taken outside- just to show you how amazing his colour and iridescence- (well, i tried)

I also advise to read up on their article- they are spectacular snakes 🙂

Thanks for stopping by mates!

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