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Jampea Platinum

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We were so lucky to have Maia- our beautiful jampea platinum retic. Maia was produced by Jake Klotz in May 2011 and was purchased by Kevin of KGconstrictors. Maia’s lineage was from 100% jampea and a platinum tiger. Kevin has shipped her to our home and she has adjusted fairly well to her new husbandry. She’s very sweet and enjoys the great outdoors as well as human contacts- we are so lucky to have her in our family, the children enjoys her company very much-


Maia enjoys her spot on dads head


fun time with dad outside


Tucker gets a turn

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

As you can see Maia is such a great addition to our family. She has adjusted well and has entertained our neighborhood children. We have taken photos and will soon be filming her activities with kids and at home- be sure to visit or subscribe for updates.

INFO- I have changed Maya to ‘Maia’ for personal preference.
Below is a link of KGconstrictors page-

Thank you Kevin for such a beautiful Maia ♥

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Visit with friends-

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visiting with friends

Lovely Sasha is a reticulated python. She is one of the longest retic in the world; due to her locale -the area she is from, she is considered the longest retic in the world. Well, she has to be full grown first of all-


just to feel how heavy she is

Our friends are just checking exactly how heavy she feels at this rate- She is about 14-15ft long and weights almost 100 lbs.Female retics will be heavy and longer than the male-


just a stretch

Sasha is a very intelligent snake. She enjoys her bedtime stories and she loves to interact and roam about the house. She also enjoys climbing up the stairs-

I encourage everyone to read up about reticulated pythons. Be aware of their size and appetite when you consider them as pets.

Thank you for stopping by mates!!! 🙂

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Time with Braize

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♥ ♥ ♥

It’s been a lovely day altogether- so my little prince asked if he could spend time with Braize-

There’s nothing makes dad happy to hear when kiddos wants to hold their pets and spend quality time. Here in our home, we make sure our kids are well taught about snakes and their dispositions. We make sure our kids have first hand encounters with different types of snakes-

So today, little prince is having his time with Braize, our Ball python-



just Braizy


This is Braize- our kiddos Ball Python- they are great beginner snakes. We love their alien-like pattern. Braize is between 2-3 years old. She is an amazing snake- we cannot wait for her to breed this season 🙂

So if any of you would like to start a collection and isn’t sure what to get, acquaint yourself first with a Ball python. Get familiar with it’s needs and prepare yourself to something bigger once you’re ready- there’s a lot of morphs out there and they are certainly beautiful and amazing creatures-

So enjoy and don’t forget to read up on what types of snakes you would like to keep as your pets before you take them home-


References and guides:


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Super-Tiger Reticulated Python

♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦

This is Shaquitta- a super-tiger reticulated python. We have been very blessed to have such giant snakes that are very sweet tempered and playful. Shaquitta is a family pet. She loves to entertain people and show off her struts- But she only bonds with one person, that’s our Nikolai-

Shaquitta is not a shy snake, she enjoys being praised and adored. She loves to cuddle and you can even pet her on her head-


at her beauty

♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦

Shaquitta is a gentle giant and we certainly enjoy her company here at home 🙂

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Feeling so much better


Vivid colours and his wobbly head is more controlled

BumbleBee came home with us some time about six weeks ago- He was sitting at death’s door.  Bee isn’t a rescue but we rescued him from someone who didn’t know what was wrong with him.  They’ve made up some excuse that it’s genetics.  Concerned, I scheduled an appointment for Bee to visit one of the top herpitologist in the area- Luckily, they were available the next day, so my husband took Bee to their clinic and without a doubt, just as my husband expected Bee is at deaths door. If we waited another hour we would’ve lost her. She had the worst case of respiratory infection the vet has ever seen in her practice. Lucky enough, we didn’t waste time and waited- or she wouldn’t be here at all.


Bright & yellow


Rich black

It is such a wonderful feeling when you know you have done one good deed-

Thank you to the reptile doctor who was deligent in caring for our repriles. We couldn’t ask for better veterinarians 🙂


sickly jag-carpet python

Though he is in his blue stage, he is in such worst of conditions-


laced around


This is how Bumble Bee Looked like when we took him home- He is a rescue purchase from someone who doesn’t know anything about this beauty. Luckily, we got him just in time 🙂

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Sumatran Red Blood Pythons

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Sumatran Red Blood Pythons-


The duo


 – ♦ – ♦ – ♦ –

Red Blood Pythons are known to be temperamental snakes and heavy bodied snakes- They too are not for beginner snake handlers. I advice to read up on them and learn about their habitat and temperament. The more you work on these snakes the better their chances of becoming friendly snakes 🙂

Their beauty is splendid.  These snakes are just amazing- though we are both getting to know each other, already she has shown some characteristics of friendliness and low temperament 🙂

In this photo, I think she is about 6 months old-

Thank you for visiting!

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Hydra- Burmese Python

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The Beauty of Hydra

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

I was lucky enough to capture this gorgeous yawn from Hydra.  Sitting right in front of her cage, as she finished the last part of her meal was amazing, rewarded with one of her phenomenal mouth-wide-open moment was spectacular.  I couldn’t ask for more- So here she is, enjoying her time amusing me with her beauty.

 ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦  ~

So, as you all know, Burmese Pythons are not beginner snakes. Anyone who wants them as a pet needs to know what they are getting their selves into. They are one of the biggest snakes in the world, due to their size, weight and girth; they require a large enclosure and consistent feeding habits.

Lucky enough my husband is fond and experienced with huge snakes. So, I have front line views when it comes to learning how to handle huge snakes. I have been petrified of these huge slitherings since I was little. I remember telling my husband, “I am moving out the day you move snakes in the house”- well look who’s buying and collecting more than she expected.

Anywho, albinos and morphs are my favourite snakes- something about their patterns and colour is just amazing to me!

Thank you for visiting!!!

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