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Salmon Pink Birdeater named Manny-

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Hello everyone!

Yes! We have visited the reptile expo and bought two beautiful beauties… a garg (posted previously) named Belfour and a tarantula named Manny-


Oh yes!!! Manny is ready to launch anytime he pleases. This is the only way I brave to face him when he’s caged in. Otherwise, i will take photos from above-


Like this one. So crisp and clear… though I was hesitant to snap this photo but I’m glad I did since he was kind enough to lay still and have me take a quick snap.

Thak you for visiting. Cheers!!

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Just peachy-

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just peachy


Our fabulous Peaches is a beauty- she enjoys her time in her vivarium. She likes to come out and explore about the house. She’s very docile and sweet 🙂



so I like to get busy


Just like any arachnid, Peaches likes to get busy- She enjoys decorating her home and plays hide and seek for a period of time- You pretty much can tell when she’s ready to molt-



just as peachy


Her is Peaches, already she’s started to create some webs. It is that time-



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