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🐍 Killer Beauties πŸ

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So we have these killer beauties and there is no way we can separate them anytime soon. Zeus and Athena are Salem’s parents. The little albino monocled in the earlier blog. These two are my husband’s favourite to work with. Β Not only they are smart, they ar entertaining as well.


Just the way they are everyday 🐍


They enjoy each other’s company


And yes, it certainly is the best view ever.

Thank you everyone for visiting.

© Kat for RFE 2016 🐍



Annie, Max and Echo~

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I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of our anacondas this weekend. Annie, Max and Echo are the sweetest anacondas I had ever held, played and met in my years of handling snakes. They also enjoy getting their photos taken. So here are some photos I’d like to share-


Annies favourite keeper, her daddy.


Here is Max, our yellow anaconda. Another sweet and well behaved girl.


Echo here is a higher yellow with darker blacks-

Though these slithering scales takes a while to grow, I am excited to see just how big they can get.

Until next time folks and thank you for visiting.

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Venomous Feeding Day

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So today is a special feeding day… its venomous day-


One male albino monocled cobra my husband’s favourite pet of all time.

Honestly, I am afraid of Zeus and Athena. Yes, they’ve been a long time mate and to be honest, it’s hard to separate them when Zeus doesn’t allow it. So feeding day is truly the hardest when it comes to these two.

© Kat for RFE 2016 🐍

Feeding Day May 2015

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It’s that day again- one of my most favourite days with our pets is feeding day. This allows me to see just how capable they are of anything. I have so much respect for these creatures.


Zenny – Purple Phase Retic




Sophie – D’Alberts Python


Jungle Jag Carpet Python –


Max – the Anaconda


Herman – Bredli’s Python in shed but feeding.


Scarlet – Redtail Boa

β—† ~ β—† ~ β—†

It’s been a pleasure to have the chance to photograph these beautiful pets. They truly are a member of our family. Most people have dogs and cats for pets… we just happen to have snakes.

Thank you again for visiting our page and look forward to hearing your snake stories πŸ˜€πŸπŸ˜€

© Kat for RFE 2016 🐍

Belfour – a new pet in the house :-)

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I apologize forΒ the late upload. We have visited the latest reptile expo in our area and as usual, was very displased with the limited selections they have. So here is one of the beauties we were able to purchase πŸ™‚

This is Belfour… our new addition to the family and of course, for the moment Tristan’s new favourite.


So here is Belfour- charming ad can be. His stipes is amazibg in day time lighting. I love how he can just easily jump from one spot to the next with ease-


His favourite spot at the moment.


And he’s just as happy as ever-

Thank you everyone for stopping by πŸ™‚

Β© Kat for RFE – 2015 🐍


Tristan and a purple phase retic-

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Tristan is our five year old son. He was about 2 years old, when my husband started his snake collection again- When we brought home a columbian boa, Tristan was so happy, (his thoughts) this giant snake is coming home with us.
As our snake collection grew, Tristan has developed his own favourite snakes. The bigger and colourful they are, they are his bests. So here’s one of his favourite baby snake-

Tristan and Zeny- purple phase retic ❀️

➰ ➰ ➰

Tristan loves all the snakes and he remembers those that have passed, including those we have fostered. He enjoys the reptiles we keep and someday, he will have a zoo of his own, ‘he exclaimed valiantly’ 😄

Thank you for visiting our site everyone-

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Hermann’s Tortoise named QB

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A tortoise is what my kids always asks for when we take a trip to the local pet stores-

Last week, we all took the kids to one of the bigger pet store in the east bay- there were plenty to look at and marveled at the size of full grown reptiles that were displayed. To say the least, my kids were paneled at the tortoise’s section. So my eldest daughter wanted a tortoise. She checked out their selections, from the russian tortoises to the sulcatas, to the greeks and finally chose hermann’s tortoise. She wanted something that doesn’t get too big- so we’re settled with the baby hermann’s tortoise-


My daughter was so eager to take his home and enjoy her tortoise. Her younger siblings encouraged her to name her lifetime pet. So my daughter decided on the name ‘QB’…


QB is only a baby, a good one month old hatchling. He is the biggest of his clutch and enjoys to eat, so his survival rate is higher than the rest. We went home with a care sheet and instructions. We had a long day that day, so wherever we went QB came with us-


Just in thst brief moment, people were attracted to him…how cute he is and a delight to see- as you can see, his photos speaks for itself.


He loves to eat and bask…soon enough he will enjoy the sunlight. For now, until he’s a few months older, we cannot play or hold QB…he must be fed regularly and soaked in water for thirty minutes daily. It is to make sure he is hydrated enough to avoid getting sick.


Just as you can see, QB is enjoying his time in his new environment-


Thank you for visiting-

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