Venomous Beauties

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I apologize for the late upload-


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Just recently I’ve come to terms with venomous and poisonous reptiles. So, my husband has decided to add these beautiful species to our growing collection.

AFRICAN BUSH VIPER (Atheris Squamigera)-

Meet out beautiful NURU, she is a cool snake altogether 🙂


She is the most amazing venomous snake while taking this photos- she was alert, yet tolerant to the snapping of my camera- though these photos provide somewhat details of her beauty but it doesn’t do justice if you’d just see her up front and in person-


I was surprise she was still… otherwise, these photos would’ve been blurry- truly she’s such a beauty. I can’t say more-

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Here are links to some great readings about these beautiful venomous beauties 🙂

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At last Boomer is home…

‘Who’s Boomer?’ You ask- well, Boomer is one of the venomous snakes we were waiting for to be delivered.

‘Trimeresurus Stejnegeri Bamboo Pit Viper’. T Stejnegeri is a species of venomous pit vipers endemic to Asia. According to numerous articles, studies and bloggery in the world wide web, there are numerous subspecies of Trimeresurus genus. We have chosen T. Stejnegeri, for its beauty, scalation and colour pattern (see photo below). The specific name, stejnegeri, is in honour of Leonhard Hess Stejneger, Norweigian-born American herpitologist at the Smithsonian Institution for over 60 years.


T. Stejnegeri’s geographic range from India and Nepal through Myanmar and Thailand to China, Hainan, Chekiang and Taiwan, (and etc). They are primarily small arboreal species, with thin bodies and prehensile tails (a quality that has adapted for grasping or holding). Many of the species in the genus Trimeresurus are ovoviviparous, meaning, bearing live young (how cool is that!). However, some species do lay eggs. Their venom varies in toxicity between species, but all are primarily hemotoxic (toxins that destroy red blood cells) and considered to be medically significant to humans. One nickname for this snake among locals is “100 pace snake” in reference to the legend that, once bitten, a person can walk 100 more steps before dropping dead.


Just as beautiful-


Bicoloured rustic separated by white stripe


White stripe underneath his eyes


He’s checking his new habitat-

Please research to learn more of this subspecies. They are indeed stunning snakes.

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BumbleBee’s surprise-

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‘There’s never a surprise you’re prepared for’

A surprise from mother nature is nothing compared to any pre-meditated murder. I promise to keep this short as possible-

So, the night before we went about our business as usual evening. Nothing spectacular, it is a school night afterall. So kids tucked in bed and grown ups are busy workin on our last rounds… locking doors and windows… turning all off lights and making sure all cages are secure… all checked… goodnight everyone, see you in the morning!

Two hours into my work at the firm, my phone buzzed, beeped and sang- ‘what the hell is goin on with you’ as I cursed under my breath- two text messages, two missed calls, one voicemail and an email message, all waiting to be read. I thought to meself, ‘what’s he done this time?’ Just as I was ready to call, my mobile sang again-
Me: Hei hunni!
Husband: Did u get my texts? I sent u 2? Are u looking at it? (adamantly)
Me: No I haven’t, why? What’s happened.
Husband: Just look at the texts I sent u. Look at the last one.
Me: Ok I will… bye-

Now, i’m starting to feel the rush of panic coming thru me… all of a sudden I’m feeling drained- I looked and there it was… a white mound, piled high as she encircled her body around it at the base. She’s laying her last egg-

She’s so gorgeous! I squeeled in excitement and totally forgot where I was. In the next few minutes my phone was passed around to show my colleagues my excitement. They all cheered and congratulated Bee for being such an awesome snake-

I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could see Bee. This is her first clutch and the surge of panic has returned when I just realized all materials, including incubators were left in California, loaned to friends and some in the storage, buried deep down lost in  the abyss.
‘Light came on’- I called my husband and told him to just buy one online. I found out, the soonest one can be delivered is in three days. Forget that pine cone on the hay- just go out and buy one then. We were so unprepared, unexpecting and completely surprised by Bee laying eggs. It never occured to me, her erratic dances were due to her labour. ‘How did I miss that?’.

Just to show you how much of this I have missed.

All aboard and ready for incubation- I am so happy they are safe and secured. Now it’s time for mum Bee for recharged. Vet visit, feeding and tender loving care 🙂

I apologize, I will be posting some of her photos later- til then mates 🙂

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Tristan and a purple phase retic-

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Tristan is our five year old son. He was about 2 years old, when my husband started his snake collection again- When we brought home a columbian boa, Tristan was so happy, (his thoughts) this giant snake is coming home with us.
As our snake collection grew, Tristan has developed his own favourite snakes. The bigger and colourful they are, they are his bests. So here’s one of his favourite baby snake-

Tristan and Zeny- purple phase retic ❤️

➰ ➰ ➰

Tristan loves all the snakes and he remembers those that have passed, including those we have fostered. He enjoys the reptiles we keep and someday, he will have a zoo of his own, ‘he exclaimed valiantly’ 😄

Thank you for visiting our site everyone-

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One Eyed Snake-

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This remarkable sunglow boa is a special added collection. Down in California when we’re staying here, we’ve had such opportunities of meeting tons of snake enthusiasts 🙂

Today, we have purchased a one eyed sunglow boa… which my husband named ‘one eyed Willie’– fitting to his circumstance.


At first meeting. He is so docile…amazing temperament…perfect for school kids 🙂 Willie is a childs pet, i was just told.


Willie’s colour is definitely amazing 🙂


I love the high coral colouring on his tail, the high orange is a perfect contrast to his yellow body-


His scales are soft and tight…he’s a perfect eater, i was informed-


Here he is at home- enjoyn his new surrounding and new family 🙂

                           ◆ ~ ◆ ~ ◆

Sunglow boas are amazing snakes. Not only because they are pretty and give live births, but also because they are such cool snakes for kids 🙂

Until next time mates-

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Hermann’s Tortoise named QB

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A tortoise is what my kids always asks for when we take a trip to the local pet stores-

Last week, we all took the kids to one of the bigger pet store in the east bay- there were plenty to look at and marveled at the size of full grown reptiles that were displayed. To say the least, my kids were paneled at the tortoise’s section. So my eldest daughter wanted a tortoise. She checked out their selections, from the russian tortoises to the sulcatas, to the greeks and finally chose hermann’s tortoise. She wanted something that doesn’t get too big- so we’re settled with the baby hermann’s tortoise-


My daughter was so eager to take his home and enjoy her tortoise. Her younger siblings encouraged her to name her lifetime pet. So my daughter decided on the name ‘QB’…


QB is only a baby, a good one month old hatchling. He is the biggest of his clutch and enjoys to eat, so his survival rate is higher than the rest. We went home with a care sheet and instructions. We had a long day that day, so wherever we went QB came with us-


Just in thst brief moment, people were attracted to him…how cute he is and a delight to see- as you can see, his photos speaks for itself.


He loves to eat and bask…soon enough he will enjoy the sunlight. For now, until he’s a few months older, we cannot play or hold QB…he must be fed regularly and soaked in water for thirty minutes daily. It is to make sure he is hydrated enough to avoid getting sick.


Just as you can see, QB is enjoying his time in his new environment-


Thank you for visiting-

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Prolapsed Hemipenes

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Upon returning home from an all-day drive, i happen to look in on the redtails that were cozied up in the corner of their cage. I noticed something was sticking out of George’s cloaca– for a split second i didn’t think of anything, yet i pondered on it as i walked towards the kitchen and said ‘wait, what the heck was that’ – i hurried passed the dinning table and almost hit my face to one of the glass cages sitting nearby. I leaned closer to the cage and saw it then. ‘Poor George, what’s happened to you?’ I then caught my husband’s attention and together we investigate George’s condition.


My husband Nikolai took him out of the cage and immediately ‘his thing’ just hung loosely. I thought of how painful he must be feeling at this time. My husband was in awe ‘I’ve never seen something like this in my years of having snakes’. I managed to say ‘his hemipenes are blown off, he can’t mate and make babies anymore’. I was sad for George. Nikolai grabbed his mobile phone and called a friend we know who has a rescue center in our local area. Luckily, she answered and did confirm what i thought it was…’a prolapsed hemipenes’. George’s days of mating and the possibility of populating is over- i thought to myself ‘I hope he had a good time before this happened’. It’s far fetched but what the heck.


The longer Nikolai talked to our friend, the more detailed information i learned tonight. So in due time, when it dries up, it will fall off. Nothing to worry about, he is no way in any pain, regardless of how it looks- looking at George, I am less convinced. All that didn’t really sit well with me so the internet was my book for source of info. I stayed up long enough to have memorized the same information all the sites I have visited…in the morning i will be calling some local vets for more information.


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