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Venomous Feeding Day

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So today is a special feeding day… its venomous day-


One male albino monocled cobra my husband’s favourite pet of all time.

Honestly, I am afraid of Zeus and Athena. Yes, they’ve been a long time mate and to be honest, it’s hard to separate them when Zeus doesn’t allow it. So feeding day is truly the hardest when it comes to these two.

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Miss Sunshine

‘That one who brings the sun-in our home’

Miss Sunshine is amazing and stunning. Her colour is perfect and I couldn’t believe how bright her colour is- That perfect head and that gorgeous pattern-

Miss Sunshine- is an Albino Burmese Python. There are different variations of her species- Burmese Pythons  are amongst the largest snakes in the world-  She is growing rapidly and is a beauty to look at. She will be a gentle giant and is already a socialite. She enjoys being out and about in our home- She enjoys the company of people-

Did You know? Habitat depletion, continued demand for Burmese pythons in the pet trade, and hunting for their skins and flesh have landed these graceful giants on the threatened species list.


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