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Annie, Max and Echo~

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I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of our anacondas this weekend. Annie, Max and Echo are the sweetest anacondas I had ever held, played and met in my years of handling snakes. They also enjoy getting their photos taken. So here are some photos I’d like to share-


Annies favourite keeper, her daddy.


Here is Max, our yellow anaconda. Another sweet and well behaved girl.


Echo here is a higher yellow with darker blacks-

Though these slithering scales takes a while to grow, I am excited to see just how big they can get.

Until next time folks and thank you for visiting.

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Belfour – a new pet in the house :-)

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I apologize for the late upload. We have visited the latest reptile expo in our area and as usual, was very displased with the limited selections they have. So here is one of the beauties we were able to purchase 🙂

This is Belfour… our new addition to the family and of course, for the moment Tristan’s new favourite.


So here is Belfour- charming ad can be. His stipes is amazibg in day time lighting. I love how he can just easily jump from one spot to the next with ease-


His favourite spot at the moment.


And he’s just as happy as ever-

Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂

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This green tree python is full of beauty & Kinkyness fits her well-


A beautiful pose


Her Kinkyness is such a wonderful snake. We enjoy watching her superb talent, from feeding and drinking to pooping. This snake is a character and fun to watch.

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Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa

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Here are the famous rainbow brazilian boas-


Here is the male baby we call Mater- He’s got amazing temperament and really cool personality. He enjoys curling around your fingers and loves to slither around your arms. He’s a keeper.


Here is a gorgeous female. Vibrant and bright in colour- possible ‘hypo’ she’s lighter in colour but vibrant- she too is a keeper.

◆ ◆ ◆

Well, a follow up- the female was sold to our friend couple of weeks later. I know i said they were keepers but our friend needed her most- besides we have the breeders. Yesterday, we sold Mater to a new friend who used to owned a redtail. He missed his pet so much after he was forced to let go of him. He decided it’s time to again start a new collection. We were happy for Mater to go home with him yesterday. We know he will be cared for well-  Though its not the same. We’ll get to see them as they grow 🙂

These are a great intermediate snakes. Not only they don’t get that big but they also don’t get that heavy. They enjoy to burrow in their husbandry and they also like it moist-

Anyone who intends to keep them as pets, please do read more about them and get familiar with their upkeep-

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Miss Sunshine

‘That one who brings the sun-in our home’

Miss Sunshine is amazing and stunning. Her colour is perfect and I couldn’t believe how bright her colour is- That perfect head and that gorgeous pattern-

Miss Sunshine- is an Albino Burmese Python. There are different variations of her species- Burmese Pythons  are amongst the largest snakes in the world-  She is growing rapidly and is a beauty to look at. She will be a gentle giant and is already a socialite. She enjoys being out and about in our home- She enjoys the company of people-

Did You know? Habitat depletion, continued demand for Burmese pythons in the pet trade, and hunting for their skins and flesh have landed these graceful giants on the threatened species list.


Happy Reading 🙂

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References and great reads:

Newest crawlies

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Hello everyone! I am pleased to share this beautiful photo of our newest crawlies in our zoo-den. Maiale and Kruize are two of the geckos we added to our collection in the past few weeks.
Kruize is the handsome leopard gecko. He is such an amazing wanderer. He enjoys exploring his vivarium and when he’s out and about, he lives up to his name-
Maiale (mai- yel)- is the beautiful fashionista in her vivarium. She loves to show off that gorgeous tail of hers and enjoys a pose or two. These geckos are very much paired for each other 🙂

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Feeling so much better


Vivid colours and his wobbly head is more controlled

BumbleBee came home with us some time about six weeks ago- He was sitting at death’s door.  Bee isn’t a rescue but we rescued him from someone who didn’t know what was wrong with him.  They’ve made up some excuse that it’s genetics.  Concerned, I scheduled an appointment for Bee to visit one of the top herpitologist in the area- Luckily, they were available the next day, so my husband took Bee to their clinic and without a doubt, just as my husband expected Bee is at deaths door. If we waited another hour we would’ve lost her. She had the worst case of respiratory infection the vet has ever seen in her practice. Lucky enough, we didn’t waste time and waited- or she wouldn’t be here at all.


Bright & yellow


Rich black

It is such a wonderful feeling when you know you have done one good deed-

Thank you to the reptile doctor who was deligent in caring for our repriles. We couldn’t ask for better veterinarians 🙂


sickly jag-carpet python

Though he is in his blue stage, he is in such worst of conditions-


laced around


This is how Bumble Bee Looked like when we took him home- He is a rescue purchase from someone who doesn’t know anything about this beauty. Luckily, we got him just in time 🙂

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