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Salmon Pink Birdeater named Manny-

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Hello everyone!

Yes! We have visited the reptile expo and bought two beautiful beauties… a garg (posted previously) named Belfour and a tarantula named Manny-


Oh yes!!! Manny is ready to launch anytime he pleases. This is the only way I brave to face him when he’s caged in. Otherwise, i will take photos from above-


Like this one. So crisp and clear… though I was hesitant to snap this photo but I’m glad I did since he was kind enough to lay still and have me take a quick snap.

Thak you for visiting. Cheers!!

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Belfour – a new pet in the house :-)

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I apologize for the late upload. We have visited the latest reptile expo in our area and as usual, was very displased with the limited selections they have. So here is one of the beauties we were able to purchase 🙂

This is Belfour… our new addition to the family and of course, for the moment Tristan’s new favourite.


So here is Belfour- charming ad can be. His stipes is amazibg in day time lighting. I love how he can just easily jump from one spot to the next with ease-


His favourite spot at the moment.


And he’s just as happy as ever-

Thank you everyone for stopping by 🙂

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Tristan and a purple phase retic-

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Tristan is our five year old son. He was about 2 years old, when my husband started his snake collection again- When we brought home a columbian boa, Tristan was so happy, (his thoughts) this giant snake is coming home with us.
As our snake collection grew, Tristan has developed his own favourite snakes. The bigger and colourful they are, they are his bests. So here’s one of his favourite baby snake-

Tristan and Zeny- purple phase retic ❤️

➰ ➰ ➰

Tristan loves all the snakes and he remembers those that have passed, including those we have fostered. He enjoys the reptiles we keep and someday, he will have a zoo of his own, ‘he exclaimed valiantly’ 😄

Thank you for visiting our site everyone-

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One Eyed Snake-

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This remarkable sunglow boa is a special added collection. Down in California when we’re staying here, we’ve had such opportunities of meeting tons of snake enthusiasts 🙂

Today, we have purchased a one eyed sunglow boa… which my husband named ‘one eyed Willie’– fitting to his circumstance.


At first meeting. He is so docile…amazing temperament…perfect for school kids 🙂 Willie is a childs pet, i was just told.


Willie’s colour is definitely amazing 🙂


I love the high coral colouring on his tail, the high orange is a perfect contrast to his yellow body-


His scales are soft and tight…he’s a perfect eater, i was informed-


Here he is at home- enjoyn his new surrounding and new family 🙂

                           ◆ ~ ◆ ~ ◆

Sunglow boas are amazing snakes. Not only because they are pretty and give live births, but also because they are such cool snakes for kids 🙂

Until next time mates-

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Prolapsed Hemipenes

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Upon returning home from an all-day drive, i happen to look in on the redtails that were cozied up in the corner of their cage. I noticed something was sticking out of George’s cloaca– for a split second i didn’t think of anything, yet i pondered on it as i walked towards the kitchen and said ‘wait, what the heck was that’ – i hurried passed the dinning table and almost hit my face to one of the glass cages sitting nearby. I leaned closer to the cage and saw it then. ‘Poor George, what’s happened to you?’ I then caught my husband’s attention and together we investigate George’s condition.


My husband Nikolai took him out of the cage and immediately ‘his thing’ just hung loosely. I thought of how painful he must be feeling at this time. My husband was in awe ‘I’ve never seen something like this in my years of having snakes’. I managed to say ‘his hemipenes are blown off, he can’t mate and make babies anymore’. I was sad for George. Nikolai grabbed his mobile phone and called a friend we know who has a rescue center in our local area. Luckily, she answered and did confirm what i thought it was…’a prolapsed hemipenes’. George’s days of mating and the possibility of populating is over- i thought to myself ‘I hope he had a good time before this happened’. It’s far fetched but what the heck.


The longer Nikolai talked to our friend, the more detailed information i learned tonight. So in due time, when it dries up, it will fall off. Nothing to worry about, he is no way in any pain, regardless of how it looks- looking at George, I am less convinced. All that didn’t really sit well with me so the internet was my book for source of info. I stayed up long enough to have memorized the same information all the sites I have visited…in the morning i will be calling some local vets for more information.


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…and its breeding time-

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So we are hoping to have a couple of these gorgeous pets breeding for us this season..try and try they have been doing but we’ll see when the time comes-


Here’s a complete lock-up of the green tree pythons. Hopefully, there will be some babies from this designer blue line male and a cyclops female 🙂

Please read up on these reptiles. They are amazing pets to have, though they are not beginner snakes, once you have gained experience, these are amazing pets to have-

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Hannah- a Labrynth burmese python. In this photo with Deuce the golden child reticulated python.

Hannah is one of our well behaved and great for kids temperament burmese. She is also used to being a show snake. We were so lucky enough to have her in our collection of pets-

These snakes are not a beginner snakes. If anyone intends to purchase one as their pets, i highly recommend you read up about these beauties. Take all the notes you can and understand their dispositions, husbandry, temperature and feeding- also know what kind of morph or type you prefer to own. These snakes do become big and heavy and perhaps long for what you’re expecting.

Thank you for visiting!

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