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Sasha’s new cage…

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new home for the gentle giant

This is the 8ftr cage for Sasha- This here is all made of Melamine-


just a closer look

She’s enjoyn her new home 🙂


somewhat stretched out-

Just as pretty as can be-

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Snake Cages

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touch ups

Here you can see it’s almost done- a little touch up here and there and will soon be ready to go-


almost there


Almost there… just a little bit more… and more… and more 🙂



the other view

almost done 🙂


here is the 8-footer snake cage

This cage will be used for our beloved Sasha- the tiger retic. She will be having a great time in this cage 🙂 will keep you updated when this cage is completed.

Thank you for viewing folks!


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