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What a rescue-

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A perfect pose of Scarr.  Our recently rescued Burmese.

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We received a call and was asked if we could pick up a seven footer, Burmese Python.  We weren’t told of the nature or condition of this reptile.  We were only told that they (owner) are moving somewhere and are not allowed to have their reptile.  Shortly after my husband left, he telephoned me and said that he has arrived and will tell me later of when he finds out anything.

An hour has passed and I was getting worried, he never takes this long to pick up a reptile, especially when it’s only a short distance from our home.  So I rang him and was quickly dismissed by saying, “I will be home shortly sweetie”, and the line went dead.  About twenty minutes later, the car rolled in the drive way, I hurried up to the car and saw the disappointment written all over his face.  I thought to myself, ‘this is not good’.

Finally situated inside the house, my husband told me of his eventful journey upon collecting this reptile.  The neighbors were sorely afraid of the snake and even named the Burmese ‘the child eating snake’ and how happy they are for someone to take the monster away from their neighborhood.

So my husband unlocked the lid of the container, slowly he opened and then my heart sank.  This beautiful Burmese is burnt from neck to about a quarter off its tail.  The story then flowed and I knew it must’ve been the reason why they are letting go off the Burmese.  It’s sad to know that there are people out there who are uneducated about caring for their pets.  These people don’t have any idea of the negative impact they have created for people who makes their living selling or breeding reptiles.

It is always helpful to have some knowledge before setting yourself up to such unimaginable situations with reptiles.

It is important to always search for information regarding any reptile you plan to care for.  Be aware of their size and weight at full growth- make sure you are ready and is fully commited to taking care of these loving creatures-


cuddly Scarr


As you can see, this gentle giant is no ‘baby eating snake’- I have longed to someday have a foundation for these creatures. They too need love and attention, just because they are cold blooded doesn’t mean they don’t need to be loved-





There was a time in my life when I was sore afraid of snakes, preferably these giants. I remember when I told my husband ‘the day you move snakes in the house, I am leaving’- You can say that was a lie- well, half a lie. I wanted to overcome my fear of snakes, after I learned all I need to know about them and read about them, I decided i’d give it a try.

So you can see where this is going- Yes! I will tell you that story in another blog-



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