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Tristan and a purple phase retic-

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Tristan is our five year old son. He was about 2 years old, when my husband started his snake collection again- When we brought home a columbian boa, Tristan was so happy, (his thoughts) this giant snake is coming home with us.
As our snake collection grew, Tristan has developed his own favourite snakes. The bigger and colourful they are, they are his bests. So here’s one of his favourite baby snake-

Tristan and Zeny- purple phase retic ❤️

➰ ➰ ➰

Tristan loves all the snakes and he remembers those that have passed, including those we have fostered. He enjoys the reptiles we keep and someday, he will have a zoo of his own, ‘he exclaimed valiantly’ 😄

Thank you for visiting our site everyone-

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Prolapsed Hemipenes

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Upon returning home from an all-day drive, i happen to look in on the redtails that were cozied up in the corner of their cage. I noticed something was sticking out of George’s cloaca– for a split second i didn’t think of anything, yet i pondered on it as i walked towards the kitchen and said ‘wait, what the heck was that’ – i hurried passed the dinning table and almost hit my face to one of the glass cages sitting nearby. I leaned closer to the cage and saw it then. ‘Poor George, what’s happened to you?’ I then caught my husband’s attention and together we investigate George’s condition.


My husband Nikolai took him out of the cage and immediately ‘his thing’ just hung loosely. I thought of how painful he must be feeling at this time. My husband was in awe ‘I’ve never seen something like this in my years of having snakes’. I managed to say ‘his hemipenes are blown off, he can’t mate and make babies anymore’. I was sad for George. Nikolai grabbed his mobile phone and called a friend we know who has a rescue center in our local area. Luckily, she answered and did confirm what i thought it was…’a prolapsed hemipenes’. George’s days of mating and the possibility of populating is over- i thought to myself ‘I hope he had a good time before this happened’. It’s far fetched but what the heck.


The longer Nikolai talked to our friend, the more detailed information i learned tonight. So in due time, when it dries up, it will fall off. Nothing to worry about, he is no way in any pain, regardless of how it looks- looking at George, I am less convinced. All that didn’t really sit well with me so the internet was my book for source of info. I stayed up long enough to have memorized the same information all the sites I have visited…in the morning i will be calling some local vets for more information.


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Dagger- super salmon boa

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My husband was very kind to buy me this gorgeous super salmon as a replacement- well he gave my hypo boa, Optimus to someone he thought needs cheering up-

So, Dagger is a special snake. Not only she is a beautiful and a gorgeous snake, she also have the personality even a child would enjoy. I’ve always been afraid of getting bitten by nippy baby snakes, luckily i don’t have that problem with this one.

♦ ~ ♦


Her gorgeousness, just minutes after her complete shed. She gets brighter and her colour becomes more vivid when she grows-


She’s quiet a natural for shows and entertaining. Dagger on feeding day-


Here is a gorgeous pose of my Dagger- the vibrant and sharp tones, her pattern and colour is just amazing! She’s a real darling snake-

Thank you all for stopping by 😄

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Jampea Platinum

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We were so lucky to have Maia- our beautiful jampea platinum retic. Maia was produced by Jake Klotz in May 2011 and was purchased by Kevin of KGconstrictors. Maia’s lineage was from 100% jampea and a platinum tiger. Kevin has shipped her to our home and she has adjusted fairly well to her new husbandry. She’s very sweet and enjoys the great outdoors as well as human contacts- we are so lucky to have her in our family, the children enjoys her company very much-


Maia enjoys her spot on dads head


fun time with dad outside


Tucker gets a turn

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

As you can see Maia is such a great addition to our family. She has adjusted well and has entertained our neighborhood children. We have taken photos and will soon be filming her activities with kids and at home- be sure to visit or subscribe for updates.

INFO- I have changed Maya to ‘Maia’ for personal preference.
Below is a link of KGconstrictors page-

Thank you Kevin for such a beautiful Maia ♥

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NG- Deadliest desert and grasslands animals

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Here is what I enjoy browsing while on lunch at work- something people don’t get to see and watch. I would like to share this film with you-



I hope this entertains all you viewers- thank you for watching 🙂


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Sasha’s new cage…

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new home for the gentle giant

This is the 8ftr cage for Sasha- This here is all made of Melamine-


just a closer look

She’s enjoyn her new home 🙂


somewhat stretched out-

Just as pretty as can be-

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Snake Cages

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touch ups

Here you can see it’s almost done- a little touch up here and there and will soon be ready to go-


almost there


Almost there… just a little bit more… and more… and more 🙂



the other view

almost done 🙂


here is the 8-footer snake cage

This cage will be used for our beloved Sasha- the tiger retic. She will be having a great time in this cage 🙂 will keep you updated when this cage is completed.

Thank you for viewing folks!


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